Sunday, August 11, 2019

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 45

Discussion - Essay Example Therefore, John is intelligent in Mathematics. It can be observed that the difference between the two reasoning can be defined by its falsifiability. Inductive reasoning permits the possibility that the conclusion of the proposed premises can be incorrect in that it is only a probability and could be disproved by solid evidence in the future. Deductive reasoning, in contrary, does not only rely on the soundness of the proposition but also in its validity. When a hypothesis is valid, it is impossible for it to have a false conclusion. It could lack soundness but it will retain its validity. That is why, Karl Popper’s strategy of disconfirmation is better in a sense that it considers hypothesis according to its falsifiability – a quality that every hypothesis is testable and that if something is wrong among and within its premise, it will manifest itself eventually. 2. The condition clearly involves conflict of interest as well as an ethical dilemma: there is a clear ambi valence on the part of Mary on whether to steal or not; to be altruistic or egoistic. One should remember that there is no justification for stealing. Stealing is morally wrong; nevertheless, to die because of starvation is likewise wrong. Hence, a conflict of interest arises. Mary has no choice to stay morally right at all; she is caught in the middle. Since to steal and to die of starvation are both wrong, one can choose to commit one wrong to prevent the other from becoming morally wrong. She should steal food so that his children don’t die of starvation. That way, there is only one wrong

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